the duality of (wo)man

asako i and ii tribute

Found this film while browsing NTU Film Society‘s past screenings and fell into a rabbit hole. Its synopsis is about a woman caught between two men who look the same, as it is a meditation on unresolved pasts, future possibilities, and present choices.

The film’s snippets (particularly the above homage) are mesmerising, but what elevates the viewing experience is the knowledge that the two leads were later discovered to be in an extramarital affair. Was it that art imitates life, or life imitates art?

excerpts, #1

Really though, it’s hard to overstate how much I’m enjoying myself here. I’m still the same old me, tardy and awkward, but in a new place with new people – and it’s made a world (country?) of difference. Here, we accept each other’s kinks without judgement (well for the most part), we share the same sense of wack humour, as well as the same glossy-eyed appreciation for the Japanese language and culture. It is good. And there’s so many books. I hope this isn’t the pinnacle experience of my existence, because I would be sad to see it end. Just like this manga that sparks me joy, just like how beautifully it is illustrated, I hope it can always be this way for us too.

– interlude/escapade (2/7/2019)