weekly jam, #4

Even if you say nothing, I know it all
Even if you pretend to be fine, it all shows
In your sulking lips, your cold way of talking
Why are you being suspicious of my heart
You know it the most
The word ‘sorry’ has become a habit, yeah
Again, I carefully say sorry, but
My body is about to ache whose stomach is upset over my senses
Today had been this and that, um, too late, yeah
Uselessly spitting out excuses, yeah
Please hug me, my baby
My stupid self

Say it to you
I’m bad, bad
Because I’m busy, busy
Because your heart is hurt, hurt
Bad, bad, bad
I’m bad, bad

On the way walking you home
Looking elsewhere, for no reason
Though I try to hold your hand
Plead for you to look at me
To me that is insignificant
The whole world is you
Making promises I won’t be able to keep
Repeat the word ‘sorry’ over and over again
At your expression full of disappointment
My footsteps slow
After scraping your heart to the bottom
I only behave like a spoilt child, so selfish
Please hug me, my baby
My stupid self

crush – nappa (lyrics)