a review of IDS Skincare… by a skincare noob (#3)


Following my second visit to IDS and a transition to a new moisturiser, my skin was still in its adjustment phase. Either way, my cheeks and forehead were reddish, and my face even appeared rather splotchy. It seems to be a running trend that every time I visit the clinic, my skin that morning will be crying out for an intervention. Maybe it’s shy. IDS, probably used to my skin’s antics, seemed unfazed. There were no adjustments to my skincare regime; my takeaway was that I should continue to keep my skin hydrated and healthily sunblocked.

I was then told we would be moving into the highlight of the day: the LASER THERAPY SESSION! I was promptly ushered into a spacious room adjacent to his office, which was adorned with a bed-like platform in the middle surrounded by machines. There was even a cupboard at the back of the room to place my bag. It felt much like undergoing the facial treatment from my second visit, just that this had a more medical vibe to it.

staring at myself, knowing my skin has seen better days

As the equipment was set up, the laser therapy procedure was explained to me. In short, the machine would shoot precise wavelengths of light to stimulate specific types of skin cells while leaving other parts unaffected. The use of lasers could promise the following results below (taken from IDS’s informative page here). IDS recommends that anyone looking to see sustained improvement will need 5-10 sessions for an improvement rate from 50-90%, depending on skin condition and physician instruction.

  1. Lightening or removal of pigmentation (e.g. freckles, melasma “dark splotches”)
  2. Lightening or removal of unsightly blood vessels
  3. Tightening of the skin by heating of the middle layers of the skin
  4. Permanent hair removal
  5. Removal of skin growths on skin

Considering my skin concerns were reddishness and uneven skin tone, 1 to 3 were most relevant to me.

the laser used for my session

IDS possesses a dynamic range of lasers with different names and functions, some of which are referenced on their page above. The laser used in my case was Aerolase. Its functions include skin rejuvenation and tightening, as well as acne and rosacea reduction. Some of the laser’s before-and-after use comparisons are insane – you’d be inclined to be skeptical (I was too, until I saw how much my skin subsequently improved).

So, onto the feeling during the laser session. Have you ever walked out from a shaded area into broad daylight at 12pm, during the sun’s peak operating hours? That’s what it felt like, except that the rays were concentrated on only a small part of my face at any given time. It was mildly uncomfortable, but it wasn’t as bad as the phrase “shoot rays into your face” sounds. If I had to rate it on a scale of no pain to extreme pain, it would be 2/10. Having my pimples extracted during a facial hurts a lot more.

The session was the pinnacle of efficiency – I was in and out within 20 minutes. Thankfully, length is no indicator of quality (please do NOT take my words out of context). Before leaving, I was informed that I might see redness for the next day or two, but otherwise there was minimal downtime – yet another magical property of laser therapy.


Below is a series of pictures to illustrate the changes in my skin condition following the laser therapy session. Note that you won’t see a lot of variation as compared to the fluctuations that followed my first and second visits. The reason for this is simple – my skin improved almost immediately following the session, and it has not relapsed since. That’s it. No breakouts, and no more issues with significant redness.

It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but the evidence speaks for itself. Take a look:

All pictures are unfiltered and without makeup (unless otherwise stated).

Week 1

at night on the day of treatment. note how the blemishes from the morning are already eradicated.

Week 2

reduced reddishness. told yall nothing much alr right LOL

Week 3

and so on

Week 4

to break the monotony, some pics of me in different contexts (and lighting). left two are sans makeup.

Week 5+


My journey with IDS has lasted just about three months. For reference, this is how I looked like right before my first visit:

There were ups and downs as my skin acclimatised to the new products…

But here we are now, at the end of the journey!

with makeup.

At the end of the day, the progress to good skin isn’t linear and often comes with ups and downs. However, I can say with confidence that IDS’s range of treatments have improved the baseline condition of my skin over time. Mainly, angry acne breakouts have been reduced to almost none, and the occasional flash of redness has been largely diminished (particularly following the laser therapy). In short, Gwyn’s got her Beautiful Bare Face now!

Their products have also been effective at meeting my skin’s needs. My favourite ones are:

  • PF Pore Formula, for its amazing ability to soothe and control outbreaks
  • OM Oil-Free Moisturiser / MB Moisture Boost, for their superbly hydrating properties to balance out my excess oil production
  • DM Dermashield Mask, for its superior moisturising and calming effects on my skin (again, one of the best masks I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience)

Even as my journey on record with IDS comes to an end with this post, they’ve gained a new supporter – I can testify anytime to their high-quality treatments and dedication towards their clients. The clinic staff and service (shoutout to Dr Ian) have been nothing short of wonderful too. I will always look forward to returning to IDS, and I can’t wait for my next trip there!

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