Gwyn’s Guide to NTU Modules (or: PSYCcess)

Updated Jan 2021

Dear readers, hope you guys are enjoying the new semester~! Feel free to contact me if you are looking for textbooks/notes, have a question, or just wanna chat. 🙂

welcome to SUCCESS

Hello to all my fans. Sorry about the subtitle (thx Tar). This post is a comprehensive review of every module I have taken in NTU. For each I briefly discuss the lecturer’s style, content, assessments, workload/difficulty, and personal tips if any. I categorise modules by semester. Ctrl-F is your friend here – enter either the year/semester (e.g. Y1S1), course code (e.g. HP1000), module name (e.g. Introduction to Psychology) to jump to the relevant section directly. I also indicate the type of module (Core/Major-PE/Ger-Core/Ger-PE/UE) and number of AUs.

Background: I majored in Psychology with a 2nd Major in Sociology. This means I’m doing a normal workload for psychology + 35AUs in sociology courses substituted from my UEs. Trivia: if you do the math you will realise I took too many modules and exceeded my AU cap unnecessarily. This is called poor planning, so #protip: always plan your courses in the grand scheme of your 4-year journey here.

Disclaimer: Module syllabus differs by year and is especially contingent on the lecturer so what you read here may not be what you get. My module trajectory is neither the definitive standard nor a guideline – I just did whatever I wanted. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence. Oh and just because I said a module was easier for me doesn’t mean it’s easy to score because of how the bell curve works. With that, enjoy!

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This list should be complete as of June 2021.

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3 thoughts on “Gwyn’s Guide to NTU Modules (or: PSYCcess)

  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for the writeup!

    Can I check if HP2600 cognitive psych is ok for a year 1 who has not touched biopsych?


    1. Hello Wk! In my opinion, the content covered in cognitive and biological psych is quite distinct (in fact, I might argue bio is harder) so it shouldn’t be an issue. But I would recommend some caution if you’re intending to take it in Y1S2 because you’ll be taking it a year earlier than your peers. So that means you’ll need to stay on your toes for skills like report writing/reading and statistics.


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