Gwyn’s Guide to NTU Psych Modules (or: PSYCcess)

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welcome to SUCCESS

Hello to all my fans. This post is a comprehensive review of modules I have taken in NTU. For each I briefly discuss the lecturer’s style, content, assessments, and personal tips if any. Ctrl-F is your friend here – enter either the year/semester (e.g. Y1S1), course code (e.g. HP1000), module name (e.g. Introduction to Psychology) to jump to the relevant section directly. I also indicate the type of module (Core/Major-PE/Ger-Core/Ger-PE/UE) and number of AUs. All the psych mods are presented first, followed by the GER-PEs/UEs/BDEs.

Background: I majored in Psychology with a 2nd Major in Sociology. That’s a normal workload for psychology + 35AUs in sociology courses substituted from my UEs.

Disclaimer: Module syllabus differs by year and is especially contingent on the lecturer so what you read here may not be what you get. My module trajectory is not a guideline – I just did whatever I wanted. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence. Just because I said a module was easier for me doesn’t mean it’s easy to score because of how the bell curve works, and just because I said something was hard doesn’t mean I didn’t do well. I discourage selecting modules based on how easy they seem; I recommend selecting topics that interest you.

PSA: You can find most course syllabi at this page (under the courses block).

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3 thoughts on “Gwyn’s Guide to NTU Psych Modules (or: PSYCcess)

  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for the writeup!

    Can I check if HP2600 cognitive psych is ok for a year 1 who has not touched biopsych?


    1. Hello Wk! In my opinion, the content covered in cognitive and biological psych is quite distinct (in fact, I might argue bio is harder) so it shouldn’t be an issue. But I would recommend some caution if you’re intending to take it in Y1S2 because you’ll be taking it a year earlier than your peers. So that means you’ll need to stay on your toes for skills like report writing/reading and statistics.


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