When you get enough bits and pieces of information on somebody, you can form a coherent, if slightly biased, image of them. Take for example, one of my classmates, Richie*:

  1. His hobby is visiting arcades all over Tokyo to play the UFO claw catchers (the bane of my existence).
  2. He has a formidable collection of prizes from those machines.
  3. He easily spends more than 10,000 yen (SGD$125) on those claws in one sitting if he’s not careful.
  4. He lives in a hotel.
  5. In Ginza.

The man is okanemochi. Like rich, but I suspect beyond rich. He’s so rich that he doesn’t deny it. I paraphrase a conversation overheard in class the other day:

Sensei: Sugoi, Richie-san, ryoushin ga okanemochi desu ne? (Your parents have money, huh?)

Richie: Ah… hai. (Yes.)

Zero attempts to hide it were made.

Now that’s a mood.

*not his real name

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