About Me

Hello winners and welcome to PSYCCESS.

This blog has one goal – to help you attain success via psychology. Whether it’s through educational guides, rambling research, or tips on how to apply psych knowledge to everyday life – this blog aims to be THE RESOURCE.

More about the clown behind this:

Clown Thong

I’m an incoming Master’s student at Nanyang Technological University under the NTU Research Scholarship. Day and night, I think about my thesis and how to avoid disappointing my Prof. Please do my studies.

I graduated from NTU in Jul 2021. Psychology with a 2nd Major in Sociology (Highest Distinction). Nanyang Scholar. NTU Students’ Union Corporate Communications Executive 2018-19. Outreach Director in NTU Psychology Society 2017-18. Bla bla. You get the idea.

My research interest is in social cognition, specifically about intergroup relations, values, and identity. My undergrad dissertation investigated how multiculturalism in Singaporeans influences the way they perceive threat and express prejudice towards foreigners. The hustle continues… studying is life…

When I am NOT studying, I pursue causes relating to social equality and entrepreneurship. Writing sparks me much joy, and it’s the reason you’re here reading this.

Hit me up for any collaborations – my openness to experience is a trait I’m proud of 🙂

(Jul 2021)