hello, losers

That’s right. After an interminable period (frankly, I can’t recall how long) of me yapping about creating a new blog for all my fans, it’s here. You may look forward to my official Youtube channel in another four years.

Why should you care? I mean… you don’t. And you won’t. It doesn’t matter. I am sitting alone, just as you probably are. Sometimes I dream about dying alone. That’s fine too. It’s okay to let the existential angst inundate your being once in a while. But if you enjoy ruminating about insignificant Everyday Things or you ever feel up for a mini-debate, you’re always welcome – even if you’re one of my haters! (If you think I don’t have any, you’d be surprised – I am so popular it pains me. I can’t even sin in good conscience anymore.)

Topics that may or may not be covered for the next two years or so include university life, human dynamics, sins, with a generous portion of psychology magic dust sprinkled on top of it all. As you may already know, I enjoy oversharing about my life to the discomfort of others, though I should really know better. Either way, you’ll get my irrelevant opinions on all sorts of issues. You are cordially invited to join me and weigh in if you have any points to advance the conversation.

Recently I was pressured (encouraged) to develop this ability that is called self-censorship. Personally, I think that it is a tragedy, and it says a lot about me being unable to stand up to the forces (expectations) that weighed down on me. But a lady’s gotta survive in this world, and that means: no expletives, and no inflammatory opinions that might offend others’ sensibilities (which I agree is perfectly legitimate, though the extent to what is offensive is really relative). Hopefully for me this means I will be using eloquent and rational arguments, rather than just angry ranting, to express my opinions. I mean, the last time I said I detested men somebody reported me for it (L O L). Maybe I deserved it? But I’m a reformed woman now. You know it. Anyway, I expect the same from all my fans (i.e. you guys).

Finally, feel free to correct me if I make any grammatical errors, if you want to. It’ll boost your ego, make you feel superior for a while (I guess), and help me to improve. Or critique my ideas. I don’t know. Actually, I don’t know if I want to be criticised at all. My fragile self-esteem might crumble. In fact, why am I even thinking so far? What if nobody even reads this? It’ll be the ultimate #sadcringe. Oh man.

Let me know if there’s anything you want me to write about, and I’ll credit you for it if it’s a novel idea. Not that you care, but yeah! xoxo

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